Bienen, van L

“Lily van Bienen’s passion for painting is clearly evident in her floral series of paintings. Reminiscent of seventeenth century Dutch still life painting, her work explores in great detail the patterns and colors of her floral choices, reaching at their best, a combination of both abstract and realistic design that both pleases the eye and offers new perspectives on her choice of subject matter.”- Emeritus Prof. Alan Fisher, State University of New York, Fashion Institute of technology.

Autodidact, student of Frank Janca and Gary Jenkins, Lily paints her large scale flowers using old masters’ techniques and alla prima. Characteristic of her style abstract backgrounds bring the subject – flower portrait- forward, emphasizing its fragile and tender beauty which contrasts so well with modern high-tech environments of our homes.

“Your paintings are so beautiful. You are amazing. Your paintings keep getting better and better.” – Kathwren Jenkins.

Lily’s paintings have found their place in private collections in the USA, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, France, Serbia, Switzerland and South Africa.